Google injects Material Design into Chromecast, YouTube updates; Wallet makes shopping easier

Google is doling out more Material Design love to a few more apps this week. Notably, the Chromecast and YouTube apps are updated with Google's new design language, with Chromecast expanding its screen casting capabilities to more devices. The third app, Google Wallet, is getting a more modest update by making it easier for customers to store and use both gift cards and loyalty cards.


In addition an updated UI to Material Design, Chromecast has expanded its beta screen casting feature to even more devices — notably to many, including the Moto X.

To use the feature, you'll need to have a device running at least Android 4.4.2 or later, and you can activate the feature within the Chromecast app via a slide out menu on the left hand side. From there, pick the "Cast screen" option to begin.


According to the YouTube team on Google+, a new and cleaner look will be gracing the app once the update pushes to your phones. In addition to the Material Design love, YouTube also added search filtering.

The YouTube app for Android is getting a new, cleaner look this week that puts more focus on videos and channels, and looks more like the other Google apps you know and love. To make it easier to find the videos you want, we've also added search filtering. Check for your update coming this week!

Google Wallet

Google Wallet's more modest update now combines your loyalty and gift cards into one place so you don't have to navigate different tabs to find them. Now, your gift cards can reside beside your library card, your store loyalty or discount card, and your gym membership.

The latest version of Google Wallet for Android makes it easier to manage your gift cards and loyalty programs in one, centralized location.

Source: YouTube; Google Wallet; Nick Mowen