Just when I was feeling the Christmas blues about my company bonus (or lack thereof), along comes this little tidbit that makes me all warm and fuzzy and full of Christmas cheer. Instead of a big fat Christmas bonus (historically upward of $20,000), Google employees can look forward to scarfing down some "dogfood" this year. Ok, not REAL dog food. "Dogfood" is corporate jargon for making employees use the company product, one of the benefits being continuing improvement of that product. So, Google employees can look forward to receiving their very own Dream phone (Android G1) in their stockings this year. From the mouth of Google:

This is a chance for us to once again dogfood a product and make it even better! Second, as we discussed in our email this week, the current economic crisis requires us to be more conservative about how we spend our money. We felt that giving the Dream phone would be a great holiday present - something we could all celebrate.  

The Dream phone (G1) has a special 'droid emblazoned on the back, will be unlocked, and carries a $180 value to Google employees. When Google isn't handing out $20,000 Christmas bonuses, we know that times are tough. To get even more details, check out Gizmodo here. Also, HUGE props to Gizmodo for a most excellent picture!

[Gizmodo via Valleywag.gawker.com]