Google Times Square

Google has taken over the largest digital screen in North America. You can see it right now in Times Square. The screen is more than 25,000 square feet in size. It is eight stories tall and takes up the whole length from 45th to 46th Street. Want to see it in action? We go eyes-on with the giant billboard. Take a look.

Google has rented the space through the New Year. This week, Google will use the screen to present an interactive mobile game in which people can Androidify ( themselves. People in Times Square can make their character from the website or the free app on Google Play. They can get on line, share their ticket, and play on the big screen with their character.

One game includes keeping soccer balls in the air, while another game makes the players virtually swim on the large screen. There's an elevated stage in front of the billboard where the players are controlling their characters with their movement. There are sensors in front of them, which act like Xbox's Kinect.

Google Times Square

Expect Google to push other products like Chrome and Nexus during the campaign. The company will also donate some media space and time to six non-profit organizations: Made with Code, Charity Water, WWF, Khan Academy, NRDC, Donors Choose, and Give Directly

About 300,000 people will pass by the billboard each day. Since it's so ridiculously huge, we bet almost all of them will notice what Google is showing on the screen.

The cost of Google's campaign has not been revealed, but the ad space has a current estimated rate of more than $2.5 million for four weeks.

Check out the billboard in Times Square if you're nearby. If you can't make it, make sure to watch our video above. What do you think of the Google's giant billboard? Let us know in the comments!