Google Fiber may expand to Oklahoma City, Jacksonville and Tampa

It looks like Google is exploring bringing its high-speed Google Fiber internet and TV service to a few more cities. The company has announced that it is considering Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Jacksonville, California; and Tampa, Florida as possible new locations for a Google Fiber rollout. But there's a lot of work to be done before Google makes a decision on whether it will indeed bring Fiber to these cities. From Google:

Now we start our joint planning process, when we work side-by-side with local leaders to create detailed studies of each metro area. Constructing a brand-new fiber network is a big job—the more we learn about a city, the smoother our construction efforts will be. We'll study factors that may impact construction, like local infrastructure and housing density. City leaders will use our checklist to share key information such as maps of water and electricity lines. Early preparations not only help with our decision-making process—they help cities lay the groundwork for any service provider to enter the market.

Once all of that work is done, Google will make a decision on whether these cities will see a Fiber rollout. If any of the three go through, they'll join Austin, Provo, and Kansas City, along with a number of other cities that are either being considered for a rollout or are undergoing one right now.

Source: Google