Google Drive for Android snags sharing notifications, file access requests and more

Google has announced some improvements for Google Drive on Android that should make dealing with shared files much easier. The biggest addition in this latest round of announcements is that sharing notifications have been added to the Drive app. Now, instead of heading to your email to see if something was shared with you, the Google Drive app will alert you with a notification that will take you directly to the shared file or folder.

The other two features are more minor, but they're great quality-of-life improvements nonetheless. First up is the ability for users to request file access from the app. If you share a file or folder link with someone before you've granted access to it, that person can then request access and you can respond all from within the app. And lastly, you can now view shared files without a Google account, just like you can on the web.

Google says that sharing notifications will be available starting today, while the other two features will roll out in the coming week.

Source: Google