Google is rolling out some fancy new features to Docs aimed at bringing some much needed productivity features to the app. Some of the updates include a dictation tool in Docs on the web, robust change tracking, and the ability to search Google within Docs for Android.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the new Research tool in Docs for Android. The tool allows you to perform Google searches within the app, making it easier to find quotes or images without having to switch between apps. Further, Google says you can add info from the web with just a couple of taps.

Next up is what Google is calling Voice Typing, which is simply a dictation feature. Available in Chrome on desktop, Voice Typing does exactly what you'd expect, freeing your hands from the confines of the keyboard as you dictate your latest research paper. Even better, Google says the feature is available in 40 languages from the outset.

Finally, Google has added new change tracking and form features to Docs. Now, when you open a document you're collaborating on, you can click the "See new changes" button to see all of the edits made since you last opened the document. With the new Forms feature, you can easily create polls and forms with fresh themes, and you can even add GIFs, videos, and images to spice things up.

Source: Google