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We all know that Google has rolled out tools for developers to use Google+ sign-in for the web and for Android apps, but something that isn't getting as much attention as it should is the over-the-air app installation that can happen when a developer sets up his or her web app. On the surface it looks like magic -- use Google+ to sign into a web site (like or and during the process you're presented with a screen that will install the mobile app directly to your phone if you would like. It's a new level of app discovery that will drive users (that's us) to the apps we're likely interested in.

This is important. If you're visiting a website and engaged enough to want or need to sign in, chances are you'll want to take a look at the Android app. It makes it easy for users to find the apps, and makes it easy for developers to let us know they're there. The folks at OpenTable realize how important this can be, so they're joining Gus Class and Chris Cartland from Google in a special Google+ Developers Live session tomorrow (March 5) at 2:30pm PST. 

If you're a developer, or even an interested user, this should answer a lot of questions about the over-the-air app install process, as well as discuss the ways it can benefit developers and users alike. You'll find all the information in the Google+ event page listed below.

Google+ Developers Live: Over-the-Air Installs

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