Google has unveiled a new chip for Project Soli, which reduces the footprint of the chip and makes it more efficient. The technology is being demonstrated inside of a smartwatch. Since you don't have to actually touch the display more information is able to be shown on it.

Project Soli in watch

Soli allows you to expand the interactions beyond just the watch. You'll be able to interact around the watch as well, which is split into two different zones. With this, you'll be able to navigate the elements of the watch by simply moving your hand closer to the watch. Rubbing your fingers together will let you change the time, move between messages and more.

Moving your hands closer or further from the watch will change the amount of information that is displayed, with more appearing as you get closer to the watch.

Beyond wearables, Google worked with JBL to show how Project Soli could work in the living room. You'll be able to control the speaker by moving your hand closer or further from the speaker. Virtual knobs can be used to turn it on, change the tracks, and waving at it will turn it off.

Development kits for Project Soli will be available in 2017. They will be low-power module designs, and allow you to bring Soli to your hardware and see what it can do.