Google Photos

Following Google's announcement earlier this week that it would shut down Google+ Photos in favor of the new Google Photos service, head of Google Photos Anil Sabharwal clarified the changes taking place.

Sabharwal mentioned that users will still be able to share, comment and +1 photos and videos from within Google+, with all shared content unaffected by the switch. The backup, editing and creation tools will be transferring to the new Photos service:

  1. The great photo and video sharing service that's part of Google+ is unaffected. You can continue to post photos and videos, and your followers will be able to comment and +1 as before. No change.

  2. All of the photos, videos, and albums you have already shared on Google+, including their posts, comments, and +1s are also unaffected. An easy way to find these is to visit the Photos tab of your Profile page.

  3. The private photo management component of Google+, which includes backup, editing, creations, private album management (album management for shared content is still available on Google+), and sharing to other apps, is being replaced by Google Photos.

Sabharwal went on to add that the similarities between the two services was a factor in the closure of Google+ Photos:

I sincerely appreciate for many of you #3 is still a hard pill to swallow. And I promise we don't take decisions like this one lightly. The reality is that maintaining both Google+ Photos (the private photo management component of Google+) and Google Photos poses several challenges. Most notably, it is confusing to users why we have two offerings that virtually do the same thing, and it means our team needs to divide its focus rather than working on building a single, great user experience.

We are working very hard to bring all the best features of Google+ Photos to Google Photos, and this focus will allow us to deliver even more features at a much faster pace.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes to Google+ Photos?

Source: Google+ (Anil Sabharwal); Via: Engadget