New Year's means New Year's Resolutions, and everyone wants to help you lose weight, exercise more, eat better, or whatever else you drunkenly decided to do over the holidays. Even us. Google Calendar wants to help you with them, with their Goals on Google Calendar.

Set some goals!

Goals on Google Calendar allows you to set goals and the frequency with which you want to meet them, such as getting on the treadmill twice a week. It'll also help you find the time to meet those goals by automatically scheduling and rescheduling times depending on your calendar appointments.

The feature's been around since April, but for all the new fitness goals being set this month, Google has added integration with Google Fit and Apple Health to help you mark your progress. When you do an activity, they can tell Google Calendar you met your goals. These health tracking apps can also help quantify your progress so you can see how you're doing right in the Google Calendar appointments. (There's also Apple Health integration if you use Calendar on an iPhone.)

Are your resolutions already broken? Maybe Goals on Google Calendar can help get you back on track? Doing well with yours? Well, good for you, maybe Goals on Google Calendar can help you kick yours up a notch.