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Google recently rolled out a new look for Maps on Android, bringing it in line with other Google properties and focusing on search, with a prominent search bar at the top of the screen. Now the company says it's going to start displaying local, "relevant" ads at the bottom of the screen after users search within the Maps app for Android and iOS. The new ad system, Google claims, will be "attractive for users and more effective for advertisers."

Ads will take up a portion of the screen when a search is performed, allowing users to swipe up to view more details — for example, contact details and directions. This results in a charge for advertisers — and from this view, there are other click options, some of which advertisers are charged for.

It's no great surprise to see Google expanding its advertising reach. And ads in Google Maps search results are nothing new — the old version of Maps displayed traditional ad blocks for certain searches, just like Maps on the web. With this latest change, Google will be hoping that local ads with increased relevance to searches will result in more clicks, while also being less obtrusive to users.

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Source: Google Adwords Blog