Although the Google Assistant first launched as an exclusive feature for the Pixel/Pixel XL and Google Home in 2016, it's rapidly expanded to other Android phones, tablets, and third-party smart speakers. The Google Assistant SDK is what allows manufacturers to add the virtual assistant to any device with a microphone and speaker, and it's gaining a few new features to expand its usefulness.

The TicHome Mini, a third-party Google Assistant speaker.

The first new addition to the SDK is more language support. With this update, the SDK now supports English in Australia, Canada, UK, and the U.S., French in Canada and France, as well as German, and Japanese.

Also new are more customizable device settings. With this, developers can use the SDK to change a device's language, location, and even nickname to allow for more personalized results.

The addition of Device Actions enables developers to create Actions right within devices running the Assistant SDK, and there's now also support for text-based questions and responses.

These upgrades to the Assistant SDK should be rolling out now, and it'll be interesting to see how developers tap into everything being added here with future applications and updates to existing ones.

Google Assistant coming to Android tablets and older phones