Google is preparing for the imminent release of its new router — Google Wifi — by updating the Google On app that was released alongside the OnHub routers manufactured in partnerships with T-Link and ASUS. Say goodbye to Google On, and hello to its shiny new successor, Google Wifi, as obtained by Android Police.

Credit: Android PolicePhoto credit: Android Police

One of the biggest changes to the app UI is the inclusion of three tabs at the top, which should make things smoother for navigating around to access the app's different functions. Whether you want to review which devices are connected to your network, prioritize a specific device for faster speeds when streaming high-quality video, or set up a guest Wi-Fi network, it's all the easier within the new app.

The Google Wifi app also adds support for the new Family Wi-Fi Pause feature, which allows you to temporarily disable internet access on certain devices to make time for genuine family time without the distractions of screens. It's a great feature for parents struggling to limit their kids tech time around the dinner time or at bedtime.

The update is still rolling out through the Google Play Store, but if you're eager to see the changes for yourself you can download the APK from APK Mirror and go from there.