Google today announced an update to its Android and iOS Google+ applications, with a number of new features.

First off, you'll notice that your feed looks a bit different. You get more text before you have to tap through -- definitely a good change. And tapping a photo or video or link now takes you straight to the page to watch the video, view the pic in a lightbox, or to the linked site. Google also says that image previews are now shown full frame. Also, the +1 and share buttons have been moved. Comments scroll through the bottom as well. Good changes, all.

Our pals on iOS get an even more important (or annoying, depending on your take) is the inclusion of photo filters from Google's recently acquired Snapseed photo editor. You'll be able to crop and rotate images before posting, as well as apply filters, adjust contrast, saturation and other levels. Again, that's iOS only for now.

(The iOS folks also get a new About tab design, Google tells us.)

Back to the Android side, we've now got more control over what appears in our feeds. You can control how many Community posts show up, as well as invite folks to a Community, or reshare to the Community. And Community moderators get some much-needed mobile controls. 

One last new feature for Android -- you've got greater controls over how you share your location. Instead of a blanket on/off control, you can choose with which circles you want to share your location. That's good stuff, too.

The Google+ update should be available now. Hit the link above to snag it.