Security is very important, and Google wants to make sure the people using Google Drive for Work are easily protected. Google has already introduced things like two-step authentication, but now they are taking it one step further with the Security Key. The Security Key is a physical key that is used to gain access to your Google account.

From Google:

It sends an encrypted signature rather than a code, and ensures that your login cannot be phished. And using this key saves you time — when you need to verify your Google Account on a Chrome browser, the key's light will flash. Just tap it and the signature sends automatically. In fact, when we rolled the Security Key out to Googlers last year, they loved that it was so much faster than when they had to enter a code.

In the next few weeks Google Drive for Work admins will be able to roll-out the Security Key to their employees. No additional software is required to deploy, monitor, or manage the keys, and admins will be able to track where and when the employees are using the keys. Pricing for the Security Key's start at $6, and there will be several different models available available from online retailers or directly from a manufacturers.

Source: Google for Work