Prescription lenses may be covered by some vision insurance plans

The day many Explorers have been waiting for is here — new frames and first-party prescription lenses for Google Glass. Announced via its Google+ page, there are now four new frames as well as true prescription lens support for Glass, and it's all part of what is called the "Titanium Collection."

As the name would lead you to believe, these standard-looking frames are made of lightweight titanium but take on more traditional designs like you'd find from any glasses shop. The new offerings are all simple and seem to be well-suited for either men or women (they're shown off on both genders). Split, Thin, Bold and Curve are the names, and you can see pictures of each after the break. The new frames will be available with simple clear lenses or also in corrective prescription lenses. Today's announcement also includes two new styles of twist-on sunglasses.

The post states that current Explorers will have their first chance to pick up new Titanium Collection frames as of tomorrow (January 28th) afternoon, so we won't have to wait long to hear the specifics on these nice looking new styles. Aside from noting that some vision insurance may be able to help pay for the frames, we don't have any specifics on pricing or ordering at this moment.

Source: +Google Glass; Google

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