Google and Twitter may be working on 'instant articles'

According to a new report, Google and Twitter could be working together to help publishers show 'instant articles' to smartphone users of their respective services. The service could launch as early as this fall for a small group of publishers, and the aim is to make it easier to distribute the content on mobile devices. This would be similar to what Facebook, Snapchat and Apple are doing, but with a twist. The concept behind it all is described as:

The idea, according to multiple sources, is that Twitter users or Google search users who click on a link while using their phones will see full articles pop up on their screens almost immediately, instead of having to wait several seconds.

But of course, Google and Twitter plan to make their service a little different. While other services are planning to host the publishers' content, Google and Twitter's platform would not do that.

Another difference between the Google/Twitter plan and other mobile publishing projects is that Google and Twitter won't host publishers' content. Instead, the plan is to show readers cached Web pages — a "snapshot of [a] webpage," in Google's words — from publishers' sites.

The two companies plan to make the publishing tools available as an open source project, in hopes of convincing multiple tech companies to adopt it.

Source: Re/code