Google's chat app Allo is picking up three solid features today, and though there hasn't been an official announcement we have word by way of Allo's Head of Product, Amit Fulay, on Twitter. The new features of group incognito chats, chat backups and in-line link previews, were all previously rumored to be launching soon.

Group incognito chats are probably the most interesting addition as many continue to argue about the best way for Google to handle chat data while also providing groups with interesting information from Google's back-end. Per Fulay's screenshot, he confirms that the group chats can have a set expiration time as well.

Still using Allo? Keep hanging in there.

Full chat backups are also interesting for those who are used to archiving their groups, and Fulay confirms these are complete chat backups including images, videos and links. The backups will be stored in Google Drive for you to hold onto as you wish.

The new features haven't arrived on our devices just yet, although the Play Store listing for Allo does indicate it was updated today. If you're still hanging on with Allo in hopes that fresh features will make it your ultimate chat app, this is at least a good sign of some sort.