Chromebox for meetings

In February 2014, Google first launched "Chromebox for meetings", a service which combined a Chromebox with a camera, speakers and other hardware and software for small businesses to quickly get into video conferencing. Now, the company has launched a new 'Chromebox for meetings' hardware bundle designed for larger businesses to hold their own video session. While the first bundle can handle up to eight people in one room for the price of $999, the large room bundle can accomodate up to 20 people in one room for $1,999.

The hardware in the new bundle still includes an ASUS-based Chromebox, but with the following additions:

  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera: USB-enabled 1080 HD PTZ delivers professional video quality for larger conference spaces.
  • 2x microphone and speaker: Capture conversations in longer rooms with an additional mic and speaker.
  • Enhanced dual screen support: Now you can connect two monitors to the PTZ camera and dual microphone and speakers, so your participants can get the richest video conferencing experience.

In addition, the software can now handle full-screen presentations, while admins can check to see which of their devices are online or offline remotely. The price for the new bundle includes one year of management and support fees, but businesses will have to provide their own displays.

Source: Google