Google has announced that it has added 13 new languages to its web-based Gmail, along with feature phone browsers, bringing the total number of languages for its popular free email service up to 71.

Specifically, the new languages that will start rolling out to Gmail users today are Afrikaans, Armenian, Azerbaijani (Azeri), Chinese (Hong Kong), French (Canada), Galician, Georgian, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian, Nepali, Sinhala, and Zulu. Google says:

As any native speaker knows, each language has its own nuances, so we worked closely with linguists to make sure the tone and style are just right. For example, both Hong Kong and Taiwan use traditional Chinese characters. However, you'll notice that Gmail's new Chinese (Hong Kong) language uses 收件箱 for "Inbox" instead of 收件匣, which is a word more common in Taiwan.

Google says that the new languages now allow Gmail to natively support "94 percent of the world's Internet population." What do you think of this new addition to Gmail?

Source: Google