Hue Tap

The Philips Hue Tap is the first physical switch for the company's connected lighting system, and while handy to have around the house its more limited in functionality by design that the smartphone apps. But, Hue has developer APIs available which has led to this, Hue TapApp, to give you more from your Tap.

By default the Hue Tap can activate certain scenes through a press of one of its buttons. TapApp offers a little more than that:

  • ON/OFF – turn selected lights on or off using one button
  • Scene – switch between multiple scenes [number of scenes high e.g. limited to the number of scenes in your bridge]
  • Dim Down – dim selected lights down 20%
  • Dim Up – dim selected lights up 20%
  • Color loop – activate and deactivate a random color loop for selected lights
  • Blink – flash selected lights once
  • Random – change colors of selected lights to a random value
  • Other – behaviour set by other app

It's free to download and is available in the Google Play Store now. And if you're wondering what the Hue Tap is all about, head on over to our sister site, Connectedly, and check out the review at the link below.