Right ahead of all the madness that will soon descend from I/O 2018, Google's announced a few new goodies regarding Android's presence in the car.

Building on a partnership it established with Volvo last year, Google says it's working with the company to ensure that future Volvo automobiles come with the Google Assistant, Play Store, and Maps built-in by default.

Additionally, Google says it'll have some new Android Auto features to show off for developers this week.

New visual templates are coming to Android Auto, allowing devs to use "a fresh new design [that] enables media apps to make their content more accessible." There are multiple elements to the new templates, but one of the highlights includes making browsable content visible as soon as an app is opened.

One of Google's new design templates

It's also been confirmed that Android Auto will support group chats thanks to RCS and will get new media search capabilities. Per Google –

New search capabilities allow media apps to directly integrate their results into Android Auto. This allows drivers to quickly discover tracks that are related to what they're currently listening to, such as a song's live version, or a song with the same name from a different artist.

Google will be showcasing this new tech during I/O on May 9.

Android Auto: Everything you need to know!