Free App of the Week in Google Play: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Another week has gone by, which means it's time for another free app of the week in Google Play. This time around, Google Play's relatively-new family section is offering Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a game from Cartoon Network that initially sets players out on a quest to recover a stolen birthday cake on Gogapoe Island. However, as your journey goes on, you'll end up battling evil monsters with your rainbow barf, stink clouds, and other silly attacks. Of course, you'll get a little help from other monsters along the way, conquering environmental puzzles as you go.

This one will be free through July 16, and, just like with the previous freebies, you'll have to use the direct link below to pick it up for free. Doing a search in Google Play will simply bring up the game's regular page with a cost of $4.99.

Download Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake for free from Google Play