Mulally chooses Google over Microsoft for next venture

Alan Mulally is leaving Detroit where he was the former CEO of Ford to join Google's Board of Directors. In a press release today, Google announced that Mullaly was appointed effective July 9th, and that he will serve on Google's Audit Committee.

"I am honored to serve on the board of a global iconic company that is dedicated to enhancing our lives," Mulally said. "I look forward to working together with the Google board and management team to continue to deliver their compelling vision."

In the past, Mullaly was rumored to be considered for the CEO position at Microsoft when former CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement. Instead, Mullaly had announced that he will stay on with Ford through the year and ultimately the position was filled by Satya Nadella. Now, it seems that Mulally has left Ford earlier than previously anticipated to be with Google.

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Though there are hopes that Mullaly, who brings with him an automotive background through his time at Ford and with aviation history at Boeing, would be more involved with Google's Android Auto and other emerging projects, it looks like his appointment will be to serve on the Audit Committee.

Are you excited to see Mullaly join Google?

Source: Google

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