Follow the FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

While the first match of the tournament is always something to watch if you're a soccer fan, you can follow along with the entire tournament — which runs for a full month — by adding a listing of the matches to Google Calendar. Unfortunately Google's own list of "interesting calendars" hasn't been updated with an official WWC calendar, but you can still add third-party calendars that have all of the info.

The calendar listed below is just one of many, but this is the simplest and most up-to-date we found available. Click the link below and then click the "+Google Calendar" button in the bottom-right corner to add it to your own calendar.

Add the Women's World Cup 2015 schedule to your Google Calendar

If you'd prefer to add the calendar manually, just go to the Google Calendar website, click the arrow next to "Other calendars" on the side bar and click "Add by URL." Enter the following URL into the box and you're good to go:

No matter how you add it, you can then assign notifications and change its color to fit in your calendar as you wish. Give it a few minutes to sync and it'll also be available on your phones and tablets via your calendar app of choice — just double check the settings to make sure it's syncing locally to that device.