Android 2.1 on Samsung MomentAndroid 2.1 on Samsung Moment

Hey, all you guys and gals out there with the Samsung Moment who have been patiently (or not -- we do check our Twitter replies, you know) for your phone to get the latest version of Android: It looks like things are getting closer after missing that rumored March 26 date. Above (and after the break) are shots of Android 2.1 running on the Moment, straight from KansasCityJoe in our own forums. In his own words:

Just got it early this morning and it is not for general release yet. I just started playing with it, but it seems much faster/more responsive than 1.5.

It does not appear to have pinch-to-zoom on either the Gallery or the Browser. Same backgrounds/bloatware that 1.5 has. When you launch NFL Mobile Live, it tells you it will be replaced by "Sprint Football Live".

It actually, now, has VPN built in (PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec both PSK and Certificate-based). Bluetooth is vastly improved. There is no more cutting out. Your headset will re-pair without having to put the phone into discoverable mode after you reboot.

You slide-to-answer a phone call now. It has voice input ("an experimental feature using Google's networked speech recognition") built it and it actually works! No more texting while driving! Extremely cool!

Email will now work with any certificate (not just signed).

The update erases everything on the device, and it's probably a good idea just to reinstall everything from scratch. Some of the 1.5 apps I'm not finding in the Market for 2.1. And some versions of apps in the Market say they don't work with 2.0 yet.

So, you've got the latest and greatest Android 2.1-update1, same as the Nexus One and, now, the Droid, though with a couple of caveats. Build number is listed as ECLAIR.DC23, Kernel version is 2.6.29 and the baseband is S:M900.8.05.DC23.

What does that mean, in English? An Android 2.1 upgrade and all its bells and whistles appears to be in the works. Hang on just a little longer, folks. More pics after the break. [Android Central Forums]

Android 2.1 on Samsung MomentAndroid 2.1 on Samsung Moment

Android 2.1 on Samsung Moment