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Find a cool app in the Android Market and want to share it with your friends? You can do it right from the Android Market app. Just scroll down a bit until you find the "Sharing" section and tap on "Share this application." You'll then get an option to share it over Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, gmail, text message, Bluetooth, carrier pigeon, Pony Express ... you get the idea. You're not actually sharing the app itself, but the Market address for it. Give it a shot.

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Find and share an Android app


I don't see where you're getting the "share" option. When I open up the app profile in the market, choose the About tab, and scroll to the bottom, I don't see this option listed. It's also not under the Comments tab or Similar tabs. I also opened an app at, and I see "Tweet" but that's it. I should add that this App is already installed on my phone, in case that makes a difference.

Same here, no luck. I tried on both apps that I downloaded, and apps not downloaded.
I think the author left a step out??

acrididae & amojeba: You both must have a different Market version. If I click on any app (one I have installed or not), right under the screenshots of the app & above the reviews it has a section listed "Sharing" & clicking on it gives the above options.

Is your Market v2.3.3?