Fake Infinity Blade II Android port weasels into Google Play

Some wily con artist thought it would be a good idea to snag the branding and assets of Infinity Blade II and post it as their own on Google Play. Except instead of actually including the game in the download, they try to get hopeful players to collect a bunch of points through ad clicks on the TapJoy network before delivering an asset pack that amounts to about 1 GB of nothing. The Google Play listing is convincing enough to the casual observer: description verbiage pulled right from the iOS App Store, "2011 Chair Entertainment Group LLC" as the developer name, the familiar icon, and even a few fake positive reviews to round things out. 

The fact that TapJoy partners with such shady outfits is one thing, but scams like this should never get into Google Play. Not only does it cause a ton of disappointment in Android users, but do you think Chair and EA are remotely interested in making an official port after stuff like this? Smaller apps getting duped in schemes like this is unfortunate, but expected; how can a big developer and recognizable title like Infinity Blade II make it this far? Does Google Play need to be better curated?

Source: Pocket Gamer