If you have a Google Home or use the Nest or WeMo app on your Pixel, you probably already have a setting for Home Control in Google Assistant. With the latest Google app suite, everyone will see the same thing and know that Google Assistant can do more than tell you the weather or recite a poem.

The Home Control section is where you can add native support for products from Nest, Philips Hue lamps, WeMo devices and accessories, Honeywell thermostats and SmartThings devices. Once set up to work with Google Assistant, you'll be able to control your stuff with voice commands from your Pixel the same way it works with Google Home.

You'll find the new setting once you have the latest Google app and Play Services update right in line with the rest of your Google Assistant settings.

It's worth noting that if you've previously set up any of these products to work with Assistant through IFTTT, both instances will be live and conflict can occur. I've noticed that the response is a little faster for my WeMo devices and Hue lamps using the native controls.

It's great to see more being baked directly into Assistant so we don't have to rely as heavily on third parties like IFTTT if we don't want to. Keep 'em coming, Google!

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