Phil Nickinson

Good lord, it's December already. How did that happen? That means we've got about a month before CES in Las Vegas. For you new folks, CES is the first major event of the year, though it's definitely more focused on consumer electronics than mobile. But that doesn't mean there won't be more than enough to keep us busy.

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We might still see a minor release or two this month, but more than likely we're done with the major phone announcements until 2013.

And now, for a few more quick thoughts on this fine Sunday morning ...

  • I'd like to think I know a thing or three about Android. A decent judge of both hardware and software. But while I can bang out 1,000 words on why I think application like Falcon Pro is pretty damn good (though certainly not perfect) to me, reading Romain Guy's breakdown of why hiccups happen is an excellent reminder of just how much work goes into apps to make them as good as they can possibly be. Remember that the next time you bitch about an update taking longer than you'd like. Or the next time you refuse to pony up a buck or two for an app. Whether it's a Twitter app or a clock or something a little more intricate, good devs work hard. [Update: And look at that, Falcon's dev has already updated the app with these recommendations. How's about that?)
  • I'm inclined to side with WPCentral's Daniel Rubino, who doesn't believe a single job listing for a Linux expert means Nokia is making an Android phone. Those dots are just too tempting to connect without actually being supported by any real facts. Yes, Android is built on Linux. So's a hell of a lot of other stuff. And Nokia's been bringing its maps app to other platforms. One new twist, though -- that LinkedIn job listing is "no longer active." Try not to speculate too hard over that. [Update: Nokia's Doug Dawson confirms on Twitter that the job listing was for Nokia Maps support, not some Android phone.]
  • In case you didn't notice on Tuesday, Google still kinda sucks at selling things. Maybe that's not quite fair, but certainly its retail side of the Google Play store still isn't robust enough to handle the nerd crush of a Nexus launch. Wonder how much of that was because of naturally heavy traffic, but certainly the publicizing of ways to bash the hell out of the webpages even more quickly didn't help matters.
  • I noticed after updating my Nexus 7 to Android 4.2 that the new Android keyboard with its swiping input is now set as the default input. And on my Galaxy Nexus, SwiftKey was completely uninstalled. A quick search finds a smattering of such reports. (SwiftKey forums, Reddit, Google+, Twitter) Let's hope that's the result of some sort of weird bug (certainly seems there are enough of those lately) with the addition of the new keyboard in Android 4.2, and not something more sinister. (Remember that SwiftKey is about to launch its new tracing keyboard, SwiftKey Flow.) Google purposefully breaking third-party keyboards in favor of its own? I shudder to think. Anybody seen this sort of things with other third-party keyboards after the update?
  • In case you missed it, we're stuffing stockings with Google Play Gift Cards all month long, and each of the 31 winners is in the running for a Nexus 4. Full details here!

See ya'll this week!