It's not just a coincidence that "Cranky" is prominent on the screen behind Mr. John Dvorak, a writer/"tech pundit" and self-admitted Mac troller. Apparently Mr. Dvorak has had enough of new technology, more specifically smartphones, and the release of the G1 Android phone through T-Mobile is the icing on his gadget-hating-smartphone-cynic cake.

It's almost embarrassing to point out the glaring irony that Mr. Dvorak butters his bread at the table of a fast-moving industry with a new gadget around every corner. After all, he has admitted to trolling Apple users in a likely effort to create controversy and increase traffic to his column. Although this blog may be serving the same end, it's worth the entertainment value.

Is Dvorak truly tired of Apple's iPhone and is he channeling his Cranky energy for merciless rants against all things Android? Is Android just another fad, or will it have staying power?