Scrooge McDuck is back, and he's got his great-nephews in tow. A golden jewel of Disney Afternoon is coming back on Disney XD, who is offering the opening double-episode special "Woo-oo" for free on Google Play. Say it with me now: WOO-OO!


DuckTales new series has a new art style that pays tribute to its comic-book roots, more diversified personalities for its cast, and a lot of great voice talent. David Tennant, aka The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, makes for an utterly delightful Scrooge McDuck, seamlessly switching from crotchety to cocky to charming as his great nephews drag him into peril after peril. The triplets are back, and Donald Duck's nephews are more than a different color this year, from the reckless, adventure-seeking Dewey to the organization-obsessed goody-goody Huey to smooth-talking slacker Louie, who are all eager to escape from Donald's overprotective watch and go have some fun. Even Webby has gotten a geek-girl upgrade.

If you're wanting to check out the special before adding it to your carefully curated Google Play library, the special is also free to watch on YouTube right now, too. But really, why would you stream it there when you can own it for free?

DuckTales on Google Play