Dropbox for Android

The Dropbox cloud storage service is rolling out a newly revamped version of its Android app this week in the Google Play Store. In addition to a new user interface, it also has a number of additional features.

One of the new additions is a "plus" button that will allow users to take a photo and have it quickly stored in their preferred Dropbox folder:

Want to share whiteboard notes from a meeting with everyone? Just go to a shared folder, snap a photo, and upload it directly. Best of all, photos you take using the "plus" button will go straight to Dropbox, bypassing your gallery and saving space on your device.

The app also has a new search icon on top that will make searching for files in Dropbox faster and easier, even from within documents. Swiping from left to right will lets browse through folders in the app. Dropbox adds:

We've put key sharing controls — and common file actions like favoriting, moving, and renaming — in the same place across the app. Whether you're in your file list or previewing a document or photo, just go to the info pane to take action. You'll also see richer info like file and folder locations, modification dates, and shared folder members in the file list.

The new version of the Dropbox app should be available for every Android user to download in the next few days.

Source: Dropbox