Android Central

As promised, Glu's free to play Dragon Slayer game has swooped into Google Play. This title takes the familiar one-on-one gesture-based duel format but pits dragons against mages. Mages blast through levels that are composed of a series of dragons, one after another. They all have their own elemental weaknesses as well as special attacks. As with all Glu games, there are lots of in-app purchases being nudged your way, but the graphics are pretty slick, and the game's premise is a nice change of pace for fans of high fantasy. 

I've been playing a little bit, and though there seems to be a lot more emphasis on improving gear rather than stats or abilities, it's pretty fun trying to read the movements of a variety of dragons and preparing to defend accordingly. Luckily there are also the occasional text warnings to provice cues. There's also a pet system in place, which can offer slight, and sometimes necessary back-up. 

Any takers, or is a reliance on in-app purchases a dealbreaker? Any other dueling games that you're digging lately?