Micro-USB cables are a dime a dozen, but when you need one most, it's nowhere to be found. If you're rocking a Samsung phone or tablet, you're likely in need of a Micro-USB cable quite regularly (unless you have the Galaxy S8).

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If your phone's on low battery, it can be incredibly annoying to have to sit right next to a wall outlet to charge up your device. It can also be a pain if you're charging off your laptop, but the cable's only long enough to reach your thigh. You need a reliable Micro-USB cable that's long enough to keep everything comfortable.

At Android Central Digital Offers you can get a 3-pack of Samsung-certified Micro-USB cables and a fast charging adapter for only $19.99 . This bundle regularly retails for $39.99, so you save 50%.

These cables are 10 feet in length, so you can easily have your phone on your bedside table without having to reach and strain out of bed to get to a wall outlet. With the Samsung certification, you know these cables are guaranteed to work with your Samsung device, and the fast charging wall charger ensures you're getting the quickest charge possible.

You could buy these cables separately and pay through the nose for each of them plus the adapter, but you can get 3 Micro-USB cables and a fast charging wall adapter for only $19.99 and Android Central Digital offers.

Keep your devices synced and charged for $20 Learn more