New test Music app

As we first told you last night, a developer test Market has surfaced, along with a new version of the Music application from Google.  Here's your (and mine) chance to get some hands-on time with both, as they have been leaked out in the Android Central forums.  Your're warned to have a full backup before trying these, and mentions a few different methods to install them.  On stock Android 2.3.3, they both installed and overwrote the normal system apps, but your mileage may vary.

We also have a bit of new anonymous information about exactly what we're seeing:

"As for the test bed it is actually the android developers market related testing site for new versions of the market, security fixes, and the new in-app billing.
Gallery 3D & Desk Clock are not available on gingerbread devices, Camera v12 is a redesigned camera that only has a different icon and background color inside the app. And the Android Music Store can only be accessed if you have an android music account."

As I said last night, it's pretty cool to get a peek behind the scenes of Google's closed-source stuff, even if most of it isn't that useful.  You can find a link to both the Market and Music app at the source, with no guarantees how long either will work -- so hurry, hackers :)

We also have a couple more pictures of the Music player after the break.   [Android Central forums] Thanks, Anonymous!

New Music player 2  New Music player settings