Fly Delta for Android

A bit of good news tonight for those of you who a decent amount of time at 35,000 feet. Delta has updated its Android application to Version 2.0, just a couple weeks after it dropped for iOS. With it you'll get a brand-new user interface, as well as a bevy of new options, including the ability to purchase domestic flights from your phone (they're still working on international flights), or add economy comfort seats and other trip extras.

A Delta representative on the Flyer Talk Forums expanded a bit on the update, saying:

Just like we’ve added in the iPhone version of the app, we’ve included the ability to find, compare and book flights. We’ve also updated My Trips to give you a quick and easy way to purchase Economy Comfort and our Trip Extras, including Wi-Fi and Priority Boarding. You’ll also be able to use the Track My Bags and Check Flight Status features to improve your day of travel experience.

At the core of the new functionality, we’ve optimized (and in some cases completely re-written) our backend systems to provide you with faster response times in all areas of the app. Additionally, we have updated the look and feel to help you find the most important features easily.

Missing -- still -- is any sort of tablet application. That's been annoying enough in the past (never mind that the phone application has worked just fine when sideloaded on tablets), but it's especially disappointing given the awesomeness that Delta brought in its iPad app, particularly when it comes to seeing what's on the ground beneath your flight at any given time.

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