Delta Air Lines

If you've happened to update to the latest version of the Fly Delta Android app today and suddenly find that you can't log in, you're not alone. Delta apparently has uploaded a signed developer version — changing the name of the app to Fly Delta QA (or, ironically, quality assurance) — instead of a proper one for those of us in the cheap seats. And while the update indeed does make it easier to get to a boarding pass on your Android Wear watch, it also opens up some internal server options. We've confirmed the developer build, as first brought to our attention by Jason Rabinowitz on Twitter.

Not being able to log into the app is a headache, but it shouldn't keep you from boarding a flight until it's fixed. The tried-and-true (and preferred by many folks in the industry over newfangled digital methods) paper boarding pass still works, so you can just snag one of those like you did before smartphones and smartwatches. (And as we've noted before, a smartwatch isn't the best thing for flying anyway.)

If you just have to use your phone before Delta rolls out an update for the update, however, there's a workaround as noted at Flyer Talk.

Fix for Delta's developer app

  1. Open the Fly Delta App.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. Under "Server", change the option from "si" to "production."

You'll now be able to log in like normal. And maybe don't go poking around in there too much lest you find your name on some sort of list, ya know?

Update midnight EDT: And ... Delta's uploaded a proper version. With all that fun behind us, here's the proper changelog:

  • A new credit card scanner so you can more easily add a card.
  • Better Android Wear support for boarding passes.
  • You can now change your username and password in the app.