Dell Aero AT&T 

The Dell Aero has shown up on AT&T's website with a "coming soon" tagline.  While the Aero still looks less than impressive when compared to some of the other new Android phones hitting the wild, there is a bit of good news.  It's seems that once again Engadget was right, and the phone will have all the Google services we've come to expect on Android devices --  even Google search.  This is good news for those of you on AT&T who may have been worried that future handsets were all going to be crippled (or not crippled) like the poor little Backflip.

At least there's now a viable option for AT&T subscribers who want a subsidized Android phone that does the things Android phones should do.  As soon as details like price and release date surface, we'll keep you posted.  Thanks Garrett!