Tetrobot and Co. is a new puzzle game that has just pieced its way on to Google Play, testing your scientific knowledge and your strategic thinking. In the game players will be able to collect and use blobs of matter to help move the character, Psychobot, through the various levels. To navigate the 50 levels, players will need to strategically throw wood, stone, sand, iron, glass, and cloud blocks to be able to move around.

Some of the additional game features are:

  • MATTER IS THE KEY. Wood, Stone, Sand, Iron, Glass, Ice, Cloud: Use the blocks of matter and their specific properties intelligently to explore the levels.
  • PLAY WITH SCIENCE. Learn how pipes, lasers, fans and other electronic devices work, and how to alter the chemical properties of slime with fire and electricity.
  • FOCUS ON THE PUZZLES, NOT THE CONTROLS. You can easily play the whole game with only one finger.
  • GOLDEN BOT. Collect all Memory blocks that you find on the way to repair the robots and unlock more levels.
  • EAR CANDY. Enjoy Tetrobot and Co.'s original soundtrack composed by Morusque.

The game is available now in Google Play for $2.69, with support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Russian.