Google Maps Views

Google is making both submitting and viewing Photospheres on Google Maps a little more intuitive and beautiful today with the launch "Google Maps Views". As an upgrade over what Google offered previously for Photo Sphere uploads, users can now submit and view them from the web as well as on the phone. The new Google Maps Views interface on the desktop really leans towards exploring and viewing user-submitted Photo Spheres, with a large picture viewer of popular uploads and a map browser with pins to see shots from around the world. 

Submissions on the web are easy as well. Just hit the blue camera icon in the top right of the screen by your Google login, and you can browse through your Google+ auto upload folder to post Photo Spheres you've taken — even if they haven't been shared publicly yet.

Together with the new improvements to Photo Sphere capture in Android 4.3 and new tools for you to upload Photo Spheres even when they're not taken by an Android device, browsing Google Maps is going to get a whole lot more interesting going forward.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog; Google Maps Views