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4 years ago

Netflix for Android updated to support Jelly Bean


Seems like the Google suite of applications aren't the only ones being updated to show some Jelly Bean love. Netflix has pushed out an update to the Google Play Store that promises support for Android 4.1. Additionally there are some general bug fixes included too. 

Guess now the guys have something to do with those shiny new Nexus 7 tablets, should the I/O action ever get a little boring. Yeah, we know, unlikely. Hit the Google Play Store now to snag yourselves a copy. 

Download: Netflix

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4 years ago

BlueStacks app player brings Android apps to Mac OS X in Alpha form


Previously a Windows only affair, BlueStacks app player allows folks to load up Android apps onto their personal computers and run them directly within a slim, virtualized environment. Today, at Google I/O 2012 BlueStacks has taken another jump forward and released their Alpha build of BlueStacks for Mac OS X. I've given it a run through to see how well it works and well, it works like an Alpha meaning it's all a little bit buggy but that's why BlueStacks is offering it up, so they can get feedback on it. If you're interested in giving it a go, you'll find the link below.

Download: BlueStacks Alpha For Mac; Source: Engadget

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4 years ago

Sirius XM app coming to Google TV this year, will get shown off at I/O


Google I/O is upon us and that means the announcements will start coming fast. Sirius XM Radio announced that they will have an official app for the Google TV platform coming out this year. It is the first time Sirius Radio will be offered on any web-connected TV.

The app will be free (but you still have to be a subscriber) and will be available from the Google Play Store on Google TV devices. Here are the main features of the app that subscribers will be able to take advantage of:

  • Tune Start, which will allow you to tune in to a station that will automatically restart the current song so that you don't have to miss it
  • Start Now, by which you will be able to go back 5 hours into archived programming
  • Pause, resume, fast forward and rewind
  • Organize your favorite channels

If you're not a subscriber and would like to try it out, Sirius XM offers free trials, which can be found on their website. This new app will be shown off at Google I/O today at 3:00PM PDT.

This is great news as it further adds premium content to the Google TV platform.

There is already an app out for Android phones and tablets that can be downloaded for free. Please find links after the break as well as the full press release.

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4 years ago

Multiple Google apps updated following Jelly Bean announcement


Fire up the Google Play Store and you'll see a plethora of updates to just about every Google app out there. The biggest change comes to Chrome for Android, which loses its beta tag and is unleashed as a fully stable product. Other updated apps include Google+, Play Books, Play Movies, Maps, YouTube and Street View, to name but a few. You'll want to check individual changelogs in the Play Store for specifics, but most of these updates seem to be minor revisions to bring the apps into line with what's shipping in the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean preview builds for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus

More: Chrome for Android changelog

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4 years ago

Chrome for Android exits beta, first stable channel release available now


Fresh from the news that Chrome will be the stock browser on the new Nexus 7 tablet, today also sees the release of the first stable channel version for Android. The beta tag is no more. 

The update is live in the Google Play Store as we speak, and is available for devices running Android 4.0 and above. Along with its first stable channel release, Chrome receives some important stability and performance fixes. Additionally, there are some small adjustments to the browser's UI. especially on tablets. 

Interestingly, we're also told to "stay tune for more information" regarding other release channels of Chrome for Android. Could we be treated to some canary builds of Chrome for Android in the future? Sounds intriguing. 

Source: Google Chrome Releases

Download: Chrome for Android

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4 years ago

Pinterest for Android - First look


Pinterest for Android is real. It exists. We've seen it. Here it is. Only, it's not quite ready for public consumption, and so this is all you get to see. But we can tell you all about what we've seen, and it's pretty much what you'd expect from a Pinterest app on Android. The pic above hosts the board, and from there you tap into the individual pins. Scrolling on the Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean was impressive to say the least. The big differentiator over the iOS version of Pinterest, of course, is sharing. You'll be able to share pins in the same way that you can share anything else on Android, and that's a powerful feature. And of course it'll sync up with your current Pinterest account.

Here's the rub, though. The Pinterest app is still very much in development, and not even the lead dev, with whom we spoke here at Google I/O, is sure exactly what it's going to look like when it's released later this year. So it's coming, it's just that nobody's sure what, exactly, it'll look like.

So stay tuned, and keep pinning.

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4 years ago

Google Play web updated, now allows for updating and uninstalling of apps


In addition to all the other goodies Google rolled out thus far at Google IO 2012 they updated the online version of the Google Play Store with some pretty awesome features. So awesome in fact, that I'm rather perplexed as to why it was never mentioned. As you can see in the screenshot, you can uninstall and even update apps all from the site itself. Plus, any devices associated to your account will now also show an image representing that phone, tablet or Google TV. Sadly, you still can't get rid of apps you no longer use from the listing but we're getting to that point with the latest additions.

Thanks, waltesefalcon!

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4 years ago

Google announces new Google+ app for tablets


Google announced moments ago that they will finally be releasing a tablet-optimized version of its social network, Google+. For a long time, we've either had to use the browser or a phone app, which hasn't been the greatest experience. They announced a new app with a tablet-optimized UI. It looks pretty gorgeous and the Hangouts feature in particular has us excited.

It will be available for Android tablets as well as iPads and Google also announced that the phone app will be getting an update today to incorporate lots of these new features. Please find links to the Google+ app in the Google Play Store after the break.

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4 years ago

SwiftKey 3 keyboard gets update with bug fixes


If you're using SwiftKey 3 for Android on your phone or tablet, you'll want to hit the Google Play Store and grab the new version of the popular keyboard app. The first update to SwiftKey 3 fixes a couple of problematic issues that users may have been facing, related to character mapping and memory management. Specifically, a memory leaking issue has been resolved in today's update -- that's a problem where the app would use more and more memory until it crashed, or was dumped out of RAM by the OS. (That's something you'll want to avoid.)

To pick up the new version of SwiftKey, hit the My Apps tab in the Google Play Store. Alternatively, we've got web linkage below...

Download: SwiftKey 3

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4 years ago

Nook Color and Tablet getting graphic novels from DC Comics


DC Comics fans will be able to get their fix from Barnes and Noble now, as over 100 graphic novels are to be available for download from Nook Comics. The Nook Android application is also included.

To enhance the reading experience, Barnes and Noble is also introducing a new "Zoom View" feature. This allows the readers to zoom to one specific panel at a time, and then read the novel panel by panel in this way. This sounds pretty sweet, reading comic books on a small screen has never been the most enticing prospect.

Following on from a similar partnership with Marvel last year, it's clear that Barnes and Noble is making the effort to close the gap to the market leaders -- the Kindle Fire and the iPad -- as a digital comic reading device.

Available titles are to include Watchmen, All Star Superman, The Sandman and the first storylines from the New 52.

via Techcrunch

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4 years ago

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi now available for free on Google Play


To-Fu: The Trials of Chi has had a good run on iOS and the BlackBerry PlayBook and finally, it has arrived on the Google Play Store for free. If you're not familiar with the game, you get to play as To-Fu who has some incredible martial arts skills that you'll need to master in order to get through 150 levels of fun in 5 different settings.

The concept of the game is to stretch, ping, stick & rebound To-Fu off different walls and objects as you collect the gems and reach the Fortune Kitty. Overall, it's a pretty fun game once you get the grasp of how to fling To-Fu around accurately, below you'll find the Android gameplay video for you to check out as well as the download link.

Download: To-Fu: The Trials Of Chi

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4 years ago

Instagram for Android now lets users automatically share photos they like directly to Facebook


When Facebook acquired Instagram nearly three months ago now, we knew there would be some enhanced Facebook integration coming eventually. As it so happens, eventually is right now as the latest Instagram for Android update allows users to automatically share photos they like directly to Facebook.

But as iMore's Leanna Lofte points out, there are more than a few privacy concerns associated with this. Once you've opted into Facebook sharing, there's no way to control how far they can be shared --

What I find even more bothersome than the existence of this new sharing likes to Facebook feature is the fact that I don't have an option for my photos to not be shared to Facebook when someone likes it. They are my photos, after all, and perhaps there are some of them that I wish to exist only in the ​Instagram world. I actually do this at times -- post a photo to Instagram that I intentionally choose not to share to Facebook or Twitter. That's why the ability to share a photo to Twitter requires a deliberate action. Now if I specifically choose not to share a photo outside of Instagram, and a few people like it, Facebook can potentially broadcast it to thousands of people i don't know. Awesome.

So there's that. Other bug fixes are included too. The app now allows for searching of users and tags in the Explore tab but Facebook wants to be front and center with this release. The update is available for download right now so load up the Google Play Store or grab it from the link you'll find below.

Download: Instagram for Android

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4 years ago

Google I/O 2012 conference app updated as opening day nears


Right now at this very second there is ton of Android fans from everywhere (Hey! That's us!) are headed to San Francisco's Moscone West to partake in Google I/O 2012 and to help make some of the magic happen, Google has now updated the official I/O 2012 conference app with a slew of new features for attendees and wannabe attendees alike. So what's been updated since it was originally released? Here's the official changelog

  • Receive push updates to announcements and the conference schedule from the Google I/O team
  • View full conference agenda
  • Watch I/O Live streams on Google TV
  • Fixes a crash on small screen devices
  • Fixes several synchronization and Google Calendar integration issues
  • Fixes missing logo images for developer sandbox companies
  • Improves spacetime decompression algorithms; 29 total hours per day are now available to Google I/O attendees within Moscone West

Word has it the last addition is Phil's favorite. If you haven't already grabbed the update, go ahead and do so right now. We'll be there bringing you all the best content from Moscone West in San Francisco Be sure to call in sick from work and follow along with us, we've got plenty of expectations that will hopefully be fulfilled.

Download: Google I/O 2012 Conference App

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4 years ago

Mozilla takes the covers off a faster, more powerful Firefox for Android


Just last week Mozilla took to Twitter to announce something big for Android was coming our way. Of course, the Firefox logo being used in the promotional material was a dead give way but that didn't stop the speculation from happening. With it now being "next week", Mozilla has taken the covers off what they had to announce and sure enough (as some guessed and was earlier confirmed) it's a revamping of Firefox for Android.

Moving out of beta status, the latest Firefox for Android boasts plenty of improvements over previously available versions. In fact, the Firefox development team has gone ahead and redesigned the whole thing. Faster browsing, better security, better memory management plus, much more. To put it simply -- a completely re-engineered Firefox for Android.

Having put previous versions to the test and living the re-engineered version for the past few days, it's easy for me to say this latest release is more in line with what one would have expected from the Firefox team with their Android offerings. Pages render much better now thanks to the code being native and Firefox making use of the GPU directly, while text looks as it should even on smaller screened devices and crazy zoomed in rendering no longer happens even on larger devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

If you've given Firefox a go before and ended up ditching it for lack of flash (which by the way, is now included), poor memory management or bad rendering, go ahead and give the latest release a try. The update is available for download right now in the Google Play Store and let us know your thoughts on how the Firefox for Android team did with this version. If you need some video it in action, jump below where you'll a overview video along with the full press release from Mozilla.

Download: Firefox For Android

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4 years ago

Scope for Android enters beta, gets a major overhaul in the process


Socialscope is something of an enigma in the mobile, social networking world. First arriving on BlackBerry, before progressing over to Android, the application has always required an invitation to use. As such, it has gained an air of notoriety. You can't get in, so you want in. Development work on the Android iteration has been ongoing since the initial release of Alphascope back in November. The last update brought a significant visual upgrade, but nothing like the latest efforts. Now rebranded simply as Scope, as the application progresses to beta things are a whole lot different. We've been on the inside for sometime now as various versions have been tested, so we're pleased to be able to finally give you our first impressions. 

First up is additional service support. Besides the already supported Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, Tumblr is now supported as well. Instagram is still viewing only, although that is to be expected. Scope fits the bill for all though, be they social juggernauts or more casual users.

The main homescreen lists all your different services, providing each with a colorful icon with which to identify them. Scope is a joy to navigate, with a swipe-oriented approach to navigation and a gorgeous UI. The way the content is displayed is really well done. Photos are displayed big, and bold, and can almost take over your timeline at times. Think about the new Google+ app, turn the dial a little more, and we're somewhere close. 

And, that is a big positive for Scope. It breaks down all your social content into various sub-categories, allowing you to simply swipe between them. Besides breaking it down by service, content can be viewed by type. Scope will highlight any posts that are posting photos, or videos, or check-ins, breaking each off into their own category. 

Additionally to swiping between adjoining pages, tapping the blue button in the bottom right brings up a scrollable dock at the bottom of the screen. This allows quick switching between the various categories, just without the page swiping. There's definitely more than one way of achieving the same objective, but it's all so nicely done. It's pretty fast too, and very smooth. 

Eventually, Scope will become open to all, and it should take a place on everyones "to try" list. For an all in one social app, Scope is going to be hard to top. And, this is from an application still in beta. If you can snag an invitation, then do. Not just because everyone likes to be in on something closed off from the masses, but because it's a really impressive application. 

In the meantime, we've got a selection of screenshots for you after the break. And, if you've got an account, or, an invite, head on over to the Play Store now to download a copy. 

Download: Scope for Android

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