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5 years ago

Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper brings the back of the Nexus 4 to your wallpaper


The simplest things in life often bring us the most pleasure, and this one sits somewhere in that category. One of the defining features of the new LG Nexus 4, is of course the pattern on the rear. Paying homage to the original Nexus One live wallpaper pattern, caught in the right light it's a pleasure to look at. Not content with limiting to the rear of Google's latest baby, there's now a live wallpaper that attempts to bring the effect to the front. 

Simply known as Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper, it's available for free download from the Google Play store now. There's a bunch of advertisements to deal with, but only in the settings menu. There's a few different settings to customize, namely color, size of the dots and the speed of the animations. Our personal preference is for small white dots -- the closest resemblance to the actual pattern on the Nexus 4. Click on past the break to see how it looks in a couple of other colors, or head on over to the Play Store and snag yourselves a copy.

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5 years ago

Spark socket to turn your phone into a light switch and make bulbs app-friendly


A fresh Kickstarter project is aiming to provide smartphone-friendly home lighting through a socket accessory.  The Wi-Fi-enabled Spark goes right into normal light sockets, then your light bulb goes into the Spark. Once that's done, users will be able to set flashing rules for notifications, fade-in for alarms, and otherwise remotely control your home lighting. 

Spark isn't alone in trying to bring home lighting to Android, though. Lifx recently wrapped up funding for their smart light bulb, which includes a wide range of color options and the same degree of programmability. Of course, when a Lifx Bulb burns out, you're out $70, while Spark seems like it will weather the test of time a little bit better, plus there are APIs available for developers to plug their apps into Spark. My only worry is that the added bulk in the socket might not be practical for all lamps. 

Spark is only a few days into its Kickstarter campaign and still has a ways to go to meet its $250,000 goal, though they've already sold out of the early bird special. You can still back them and preorder on for $59, though. Any takers? Would you rather Spark or Lifx? Are there other solid smart home lighting solutions out there?

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5 years ago

Pandora rolls out version 4.0 update with a new feature set


We got a look at the press images of a new update to Pandora -- version 4.0 -- a couple weeks ago, and now it has finally gone live for everyone to get their hands on. The app got a pretty substantial UI facelift in the previous update, and now this one brings extra features to fill out the entire experience. After linking the app to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can share the current playlist or song directly to each network. On the listening side, you can create and manage your different playlists, and add variety to current ones.

You can also now create a "music profile" for yourself, making a central repository for everything you do in Pandora. You can browse and follow other users' music profiles in what's being called the "music feed" as well. The update has just gone live in the Play Store, and you can grab a download at the link above.

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5 years ago

Twitter for Android updated with in-line media previews


The official Twitter for Android app has been updated yet again to come closer to the feature improvements that have been made in the web version of Twitter. Tweets in the regular stream now include previews of any media attached to the tweet. Pictures, videos and articles will show up in-line with the tweet so they can be easily accessed after the preview. Several improvements have been made to the search functionality as well -- there are media previews in search stream tweets, and you can now get a "Photo Stream" to see what's happening at a given moment in pictures.

If you haven't given the official Twitter app a look in a while, you may want to give it a try. A lot of improvements have come in the recent updates. Grab a download at the Play Store link above.

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5 years ago

Popular Science picks Google Now as the Innovation of the Year


Since its launch alongside Android 4.1 Jelly Bean back at Google IO in the summer, Google Now has become an intriguing, and in some cases integral part of every day life. Android nerds aren't the only ones to take a shine to the service either it seems, with Popular Science naming it as the Innovation of the Year. 

Make no mistake, this is an impressive accolade to receive. Google Now finds itself among such distinguished company as the digital camera, the Large Hadron Collider and follows on as the second Google service to receive the honor after Google Maps.  

In naming Google Now as the winner, Popular Science editor-in-chief, Jacob Ward, even took a slight swipe at Apple's Siri in the process:

Voice interfaces like Siri seem outdated by comparison. With Google Now, you don’t pull the phone out when an idea occurs to you. You pull it out when an idea occurs to it.

Google Now is still in the early days, and as promised at Google IO during the unveiling, we're expecting to see much more from it as time goes on. To see more, click on past the break for a video on the award, starring Jacob Ward. 

Source: Popular Science via Phonearena

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5 years ago

Chameleon Launcher gets a significant price reduction to $3.99


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Chameleon Launcher made public release into the Google Play Store priced at $10. It's predominantly widget based UI is a different take on how a tablet homescreen should look and feel, but make no mistake, $10 is a lot to pay for any app. As such, download numbers -- at least on Play Store figures anyway -- remain quite low. 

However, anyone who ever wanted to try it out but couldn't justify the price now has an opportunity. The price of the application has been reduced to just $3.99, still a premium price, but a lot more reasonable than previously. It's unclear as to whether this is a limited time sale or a new, more permanent price point. And, if you're still undecided, be sure to check out our review first, before parting with any cash. 

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5 years ago

Draw a Stickman: Epic brings a new drawing adventure to Android


You know those games that seem to crop up every now and then that are just a little bit different from everything else out there? The games that make you think 'Wow, that's cool!'. Draw a Stickman: Epic is one of them. To start off the game, you must draw a stickman. From there, your adventure throughout depends entirely upon what you draw and you'll do plenty of it.

Draw a Stickman: Epic has 13 levels and one bonus level that you can uncover. How you go about conquering each level, will determine how your next level will go. It'd liken it to a choose your own adventure book but only this time around, you get to draw the adventure. With almost every aspect of the levels within your control, it's an interesting game experience.

Check out the video below to get a better look at it. If after that, you want to give it a go you'll find both a free limited version  containing 5 levels as well as a paid version available in the Google Play Store for download.

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5 years ago

SkyDrive updated with SDcard uploads, feature improvements


Microsoft just announced updates to both its Android and Windows Phone versions of its SkyDrive app, which is their version of a consumer cloud storage solution. This latest update -- version 1.1 -- brings the ability for users to upload any file type to their SkyDrive directly from the SDcard, rather than only from internal storage. Additionally, Android users can now properly manage and rename folders, something that the iOS app already had. There are also new settings to manage photo uploads and downloads.

Its good to see Microsoft work to support users on all platforms, rather than sticking to just Windows Phone. Supporting other platforms is often the only way to have a service gain traction nowadays.

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5 years ago

Facebook updated with improved sharing, photo albums


Most people who use the Facebook app on a regular basis have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with it. While we continue to wait for a native app experience that would greatly improve performance, Facebook continues to roll out updates with basic feature enhancements. This latest one improves sharing and management of photos. Posts in the timeline now have big simple buttons across the bottom of them to "like", "comment" and "share" (where applicable) the post. Tapping the "share" button instantly puts you into an edit mode to re-share the post onto your own timeline.

On the photo side, users can now create albums completely on the device when accessing the "photos" tab from the timeline, which is a welcomed addition. The update also improves photo tagging as well. The update is worth a download if you're using Facebook, so grab it at the Play Store link above.

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2 test firmware leaks


Coming on the heels of a leaked build of Android 4.1.2 for the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3), the folks over at SamMobile have published a leak of the software for the Galaxy SII (S2) as well. The Galaxy S2 just picked up ICS starting in April, and now its a bit of a surprise that we may see an official update to Jelly Bean as well.

The firmware is supposedly quite stable, and seems to pack nearly all of the features that are coming to other Samsung devices with Android 4.1 -- Google Now, Project Butter, Smart Stay and new notifications are all on-board. One thing missing will be multi-view window management, which isn't surprising considering the lower resolution of the S2's display when compared to other recent 720x1280 devices.

The firmware, which is software version I9300XXLSJ and Android build JZO54K, is available for willing participants now. You can take a look at the source link below if you're ready to get your hands on it.

Source: SamMobile

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5 years ago

Adobe Photoshop Touch now available on Amazon Kindle Fires


Right on time with the first shipments of the newest Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Adobe has announced that it has made its Photoshop Touch app available in the Amazon App Store for Kindle devices. The app is optimized for both 7 and 8.9-inch screens and will work on the entire Kindle Fire line, save for the original Fire (which likely isn't powerful enough).

This app is every bit the same in usage as the one available in the Play Store today, and is now available for download in the Amazon App Store for $9.99 at the source link below.

Source: Adobe; Amazon App Store

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5 years ago

Shadowgun: DeadZone multiplayer game exits beta


After a short beta period, Shadowgun: DeadZone is now free for everybody to play. The slick graphics and fast-paced third-person shooting action aren't the only things to look forward to; Shadowgun: DeadZone also has a research system in place so players can work towards new and innovative implements of destruction. Perks add a needed level of customizability, equipment and varying classes offer plenty of personalization, and with 12-player matches with voice support, you'll never be lacking for targets.

It's free, though that also means you'll be prodded into making in-app purchases pretty regularly. For a game this slick, isn't it worth the nuisance, though? They are getting a little pushy and Battlefield 3-ish with a premium account up-sell. It looks like device compatibility is slightly limited... Were you able to install it successfully? How many of y'all played the beta? 

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5 years ago

AppRiver's CipherPost Pro offers users secure, encrypted email


Great, enterprise-grade encrypted e-mail is not a small thing to accomplish. In nearly every case, you're looking at special hardware, software and management to keep everyone's private email... well, private.  AppRiver is hoping to get around that by offering its own over-the-top secure encrypted email solution with an app its just released called CipherPost Pro.

Instead of running your own back-end security system, the idea of CipherPost Pro is that you can use any email provider you'd like, and simply pay a subscription fee to use this app's encryption system. Features you'd expect like mail tracking, data loss protection and MDM (Mobile Device Management) integration are all on board. CipherPost Pro is compliant with industry security standard such as HIPAA, PSQIA, PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and more.

You can take a look at CipherPost Pro in the Play Store at the link above.

Source: AppRiver (BusinessWIre)

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5 years ago

Cogs, Canabalt, Zen Bound 2 and more added to Android Humble Bundle


If you haven't picked up on the charity-driven bundle of Android games that went live last week, maybe the addition of Cogs, Canabalt, Zen Bound 2, Swords & Soldiers HD, and Avadon: The Black Fortress will tempt you. Those that have got in on previous Humble Bundles will recognize these titles, though many of those announced initially with the Android Humble Bundle 4 aren't even on Google Play yet. Those first titles include Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Machinarium, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Waking Mars looks especially cool, but really, they're all fantastic games.

The catch with the new bonus games is that you have to pay more than the average donation price, which currently sits at $6.18. See, they have a pay-what-you-want structure here, and you get to pick how you want to split up your donation between devs, the Humble Bundle organizers, and charity. Where available, you'll also get Steam codes to play these games on your PC. There's also an Android app available to keep tabs on new bundles, get game updates, and download previous purchases. 

Head on over to Humble Bundle's site to get started. So, who's already got the bundle? What's your favorite game in it so far? 

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5 years ago

Google launches global augmented reality game Ingress, invite-only for now


Google's Niantic Labs has launched Ingress, a new worldwide augmented reality game that will be primarily played with your mobile device. Back in September, they released an app called Field Trip, which aims to provide relevant information as you walk or drive around. Ingress is far more ambitious and involved than Field Trip.

It is a game that can be played by anyone with the app and will take quite a while. Not too much is known about the game, but what we do know is drawn from the vague video produced by Google above. It involves two groups, the Resistance, and the Enlightened. One group pushes back against 'the power' while the other seeks to use it to their advantage. 

A major aspect of the game will be using your phone while you're out and about, collecting power by walking certain routes or analyzing landmarks.

This sounds pretty interesting and ambitious. It's invite-only for now and Android-only for now, but Google plans to be on multiple platforms because they want as many players as possible.

To request an invite, hit up the source link, which is the main landing page for Ingress. If you're one of the lucky ones with an invite, there is also a link to the app in the Google Play Store.

Source: Ingress; via All Things D

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