3 years ago

Angry Birds Stella revealed by Rovio, all about the BFFs


Five new birds will join Stella in this lady-bird focused title

Rovio teased its next Angry Birds title just yesterday, but today we have a title and an apparent theme. Angry Birds Stella will be the next release, and will feature five new birds alongside the pink, Stella bird seen before in the Angry Birds franchise. 

Stella and her BFFs will no doubt be getting into some kind of mischief as part of the game, but since there isn't any gameplay information to go with this we'll have to wait on that one. It almost looks like Rovio slipped into a Disney movie from this image. In any case, we're sure to hear more as we get closer to release, currently slated for fall. 

Source: Rovio (1), (2)

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3 years ago

Dropdot lets kids connect the dots on Android


At Apps World last week, we met both veteran and inexperienced game developers alike. Some creators were preparing to publish their first games. That counts fort Summer Wu, whose first title Dropdot has just gone live exclusively on Android.

Dropdot is a connect-the-dots game for young children. It packs a simple user interface, a wide array of puzzles, and even some stealthy educational benefits. The game will be free for the first few months of release, so parents with toddlers and preschoolers are definitely going to want to grab it. Learn more and get a sneak peak at the game’s puzzle creation feature after the break.

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3 years ago

Google Play Music update adds offline radio caching, in-app device management and several fixes


A few buttons change places and functionality improves across the entire app

It's been a little while since our last Google Play Music update, but we can say with today's new features the wait was worth it. First on the list is the ability to cache radio stations for offline listening — just like you were always able to do with specific albums and tracks, you can now create radio stations and save them for offline listening. It isn't totally clear how much of the station is cached (they're usually "infinitely" long), but we're sure a good bit of listening will be required before you hit the end of the cache.

Next up is in-app management of your Google Play Music authorized devices. Anyone with a number of devices or just switches phones often will know that you quickly hit the cap of 10 authorized devices, and now you can manage which ones have access to your music account directly from the app settings. Speaking of settings, they're nested in the slide-in panel from the left side now rather than an overflow button in the top action bar.

There are a few more fixes and tweaks throughout the interface in the latest update as well. You now have better options for managing your music queue with "Play Next" buttons on songs, albums and artist listings, the Cast button for sending music to your Chromecast moves down to the bottom center of album art when viewing your current song and you now have the ability to manually refresh your music collection from the settings.

It's a whole lot to digest for just one update, but we think more than a few Google Play Music users will be enjoying these improvements — we already are.

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3 years ago

Latest Aviate update brings music-focused 'Listening Space' that auto-opens when you plug in headphones


Every song you listen to will be accompanied by artist info, nearby shows and Spotify suggestions

In its first move since being acquired by Yahoo, Aviate is making an update to its intelligent launcher called the "Listening Space." Similar to the other "spaces" on the launcher, the Listening Space brings together all of your music listening services and apps to one area. Further, Aviate will suggest new music apps that are related to what you currently have so you can download them simply from Google Play.

The Listening Space will automatically launch when you plug a pair of headphones into your phone, making the experience even more seamless. Once you begin playing music, Aviate will detect the song and offer up bios and information on the artist, such as upcoming shows near you.

Though Aviate is still technically in a closed beta, it's not too hard to get in anymore — the blog post announcing this new Listening Space gives folks an easy code to use, "MUSIC," that will get you in if you're so inclined.

Source: Aviate Blog

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3 years ago

APOD Muzei is the first plugin for Muzei Live Wallpaper, and it's awesome


APOD Muzei brings Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day to Muzei Live Wallpaper

Last night, we shared Roman Nurik's new app Muzei Live Wallpaper, because Nurik writes great code and we thought it was a great app. Part of why we thought it was great was because, like Nurik's Dashclock widget application, it's fully extensible with an open API. Today we've found a developer already taking advantage of that API with APOD Muzei.

Using APOD Muzei is simple. Make sure you have Muzei Live Wallpaper installed, then install APOD from Google Play using the handy-dandy link above. Open the Muzei app, and you'll see Astronomy Picture of the Day listed as a new source in the customize menu.

Hopefully, we see a lot more plugins made for Muzei. But we're loving this one, and I have a feeling that a lot of you will too. Give it a try, it's free!

Source: +Eric Richardson

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3 years ago

Rovio teases all-new Angry Birds release


Big Adventure and new birds promised, but not a lot else

Bird games are big news again, but the original it seems is coming back for more. In a message posted on its Twitter account, Angry Birds developer, Rovio, is teasing a brand new game. And that's about it, really. 

A "big adventure" complete with new birds is what we're told, and nothing else. Rovio's last release on Android was the racing focused Angry Birds Go, so perhaps this next one will see a return to the bird-flinging nature of old. Or maybe something completely different. We'll have to wait and see.  

Source: Rovio

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3 years ago

Canon launches new EOS 1200D and an app to help you use it


New entry-level DSLR has its own mobile app to help you get started with your new camera

Canon has today pulled the wraps off its latest DSLR, the EOS 1200D, and announced the release of a companion app for Android and iOS to help folks get started with using it. The 1200D is the latest entry-level DSLR from Canon, which will come in at an attractive price point of £349.99 (body only) when it goes on sale in March. 

With the companion app, Canon is offering quick start guides, tutorials and troubleshooting guides to help you get the best from your camera. Having stuff built in to the camera is OK, but it makes complete sense to start moving such information onto the thing in your pocket. 

The companion app is available to download now from the Play Store at the link above. So if you're lining up a new 1200D next month you've got a little time to take a look around first. 

Source: Canon

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3 years ago

Muzei Live Wallpaper brings classic art to your homescreen


Curated classics or your own pictures make for an excellent wallpaper when treated through Muzei

Roman Nurik, Android Developer Advocate at Google — and developer of Dashclock, the widget everyone loves — has just released one of the snazziest live wallpaper apps we've ever seen.

Muzei (from the Russian for "museum") grabs a new piece of artwork daily, curated by Nurik and his art teacher fiancée +Liza Gordon and gently blurs the piece to display on your home screen. A quick double tap deblurs the art for a few moments so you can appreciate it. The transition is really slick, and some of the best app animation in Android we've ever seen. If you prefer, you can use your own local photos in lieu of the curated collection. Because it uses the standard file chooser, you can also set up a Dropbox folder or use Google Drive.

Just like Dashclock, Muzei is completely open source and extensible via an open set of APIs. For more information about the API, click here, and for the source click here.

Grab Muzei Live Wallpaper from the Google Play link above and give it a spin.

Source: +Roman Nurik

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3 years ago

Radiohead's PolyFauna app is triptacular


The 'imagined creatures from your subconscious' come to life in Radiohead's new app

PolyFauna takes the song "Bloom" from Radiohead's recent The King of Limbs album, adds in some ethereal moving art, and packages it up as a trippy and cool Android app. 

Radiohead's Thom Yorke hit the nail on the head when he described PolyFauna as "A window into an evolving world" and there's really no other way to describe it. Imagine Motorola's Windy Day app, with a hefty dose of LSD and imagination, then some distinctly Radiohead sounds tossed in the mix. Hold your phone up, look at the screen and move it around. The landscape changes and rolls (the trails are lovely) and when you see the red dot you can follow it for a gateway to a completely different scene.

There's nothing to learn here, and no bad guys to kill. But it's one hell of a ride. Grab it from the Google Play link above.

Via: Radiohead

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3 years ago

Apps World: Join penguins on an adventure in XnO for Android


Endearing characters and high-quality art set XnO apart

Catapult games are a big deal on mobile – just look at Angry Birds and the many games the series has inspired as proof. The style of gameplay – aiming projectiles at something and trying to knock it over – works perfectly with touch-screen devices. You can classify these games as physics puzzlers, but they feel more action-oriented than most physics games.

At Apps World last week, I discovered a 3D catapult game from indie developer Digital Eclairs called XnO. The 3D perspective adds a new layer of depth to this type of game. XnO also has an endearing set of characters and delightful, high quality art style to set it apart. It’s also one of the few participants in the Big Indie Pitch that has already made it to market, so you can download it right now.

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3 years ago

EverythingMe Launcher review: You just don't know me


Sometimes predictions are great, but usually you just want your phone to look the same every time you unlock it.

As the current phrasing goes, when it comes to software and services, "context is king." Being able to look at your habits, usage patterns and tendencies to then make smart decisions on what you'll want next is being trumpeted as the next frontier of mobile computing. We're seeing Apple and Google get in on this game with smart calendar appointments and services like Google Now, but a new breed of contextually-aware launchers and apps have been the talk of the town in the Android world as of late.

The latest entry in this arena on everyone's tongues is EverythingMe Launcher, the product of talented developers EverythingMe (go figure) that wants to help simplify your phone experience and offer compelling new content with little user setup required. The system is pretty simple — look at the apps you have installed, when and for how long you use them and then tailor a homescreen layout to show what it thinks you want before you do.

It sounds like the mobile utopia of our dreams, but this particular time machine needs a little more tinkering before it realizes its true potential. Read with us after the break and see how EverythingMe Launcher is making an argument for being your next launcher choice.

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3 years ago

Qualcomm Toq gets another update, adds world clock and activity monitors


It's been a few weeks since the Qualcomm Toq last had an update, but the latest makes it well worth the wait. This time around it's not just some new pretty faces, but also a bit of functionality to kick things up a notch. In addition to a new "World Clock" clock style, you also get access to the new Activity applet that tracks you over a 24 hour period and reports back to the app on your phone. 

What's new:

  • New “World Clock” clock style allows you to toggle through the local time and weather in your favorite cities
  • New Activity Applet (Beta) monitors your activity while wearing Toq and tracks your activity “points” over a 24 hour period. View a history of your daily activity point totals in the Toq Android app.
  • New ”Activity” clock style shows the time plus your current activity ‘points’ at a glance
  • Adds ability to select temperature scale in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

The Activity Applet is still in beta so it may or may not work too great right now. We haven't played around with it too much yet but we'll definitely report back if it turns out to be any good. 

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3 years ago

Flappy Bird taken down to save us from ourselves, apparently


Game designed to be played while relaxed became anything but says developer

The world's brief love affair with Flappy Bird may now be coming to an end thanks to its removal from Google Play and the iOS App Store, but the developer has now come clean about his reasons for doing so. Despite an apparent issue with intense media attention, developer Dong Nguyen has spoken to the folks at Forbes about just why the bird flaps no more. 

Nguyen, it seems, was saving humanity from itself. He says he designed Flappy Bird to be played for a few minutes a time while relaxing. Of course, what we actually got was rage quits, swearing, and all manner of unhappiness with how damn hard it was. And yet everyone kept going back for more. It's this addictive nature which Nguyen claims was the final straw, and was the ultimate reason that the bird has flown away for ever. Not any issues with Nintendo.

Of course, if you really, really need that kind of game to play, there's a ton of clones and rip-offs already flooding the market to give you your fix. Or we could all just play something better, whatever. 

Source: Forbes

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3 years ago

Five Flappy Bird replacements to fill the pipe-sized gap in your heart


Flappy Bird is dead. Long live Flappy Bird replacements.

Flappy Bird was removed from the Play Store this weekend, leaving many self-professed addicts high and dry (and in some cases, absurdly angry). You’re in luck!  There are many great games on Google Play which can certainly fill the void.

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3 years ago

Revel game wins the Big Indie Pitch, coming soon Android


Last week’s Apps World was an event dedicated to mobile games and apps - and the craft of making them. Apps World culminated with the Big Indie Pitch, a contest in which game developers pitched their games to members of the press. I look forward to telling you all about my experience with the Pitch very soon.

In the meantime, let’s look at one of the two games that won the Big Indie Pitch. New York-based developer Odin’s Hammer bought their social interaction/photo game Revel to the show. Revel is a unique scavenger hunt-style game in which players take photos of things in their environment and try to outdo their peers. Read on to learn why we’re so excited that it’s coming to Android!

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