Daydream headset


We already knew Google planned to share reference designs for headsets and controllers as part of its new Daydream VR project. Today we've got confirmation that the company will also build a Daydream headset and controller itself.

Speaking on-stage at Google I/O 2016, Clay Bavor, head of Google's VR division, said Google is building its own headset and controller. It's unclear just what form the devices will take — so far Google has only talked about smartphone-based VR for Daydream, not standalone headsets. Nevertheless, this is our first confirmation of original Google hardware accompanying Android's big VR push later in 2016.

It's not surprising to see a headset and controller setup arriving in tandem, as Daydream requires both in order to operate. As for what Google's homemade VR hardware will actually look like, the reference design circulated in press renders at I/O provides a likely template.

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