comscore index shows big Android growth

The Comscore results for May 2010 are in, and it comes as no surprise that Android is still skyrocketing towards the top spot in US smartphone market share.  While ALL other platforms show a loss, Android comes in with another big jump of 4 percentage points and now has reached a double digit share of 13 percent, just a hair shy of Microsoft's 13.4 percent and poised to take the third spot overall. 

The chart speaks for itself -- Android grows while the others fall.  The biggest drop was from the Microsoft camp (down 1.9 points), followed by Apple with a 1 point drop.  A few months ago we asked if Android's rise was a fluke based on the sales of the Droid, and I think we can safely say no, we have that friggin' movement we hoped for on our hands.  And before anyone starts shouting "iPhone 4 wasn't out, yada yada", remember that users upgrading from one phone to another on the same platform do not contribute to growth -- this is all new users we're seeing.  I'm sure our Google overlords are pleased, and so am I.  [Comscore]