Google+ Collections begin rolling out to users

Collections is the latest feature to be added to Google+, allowing you to group your posts by topic instead of posting at random. Grouping posts by topic is nothing new; Pinterest has been doing it for quite some time, and this feature brings a very similar feel. Users will have the option to make their collections private or public, and once created the collection can be customized with a color and header image of choice.

Some of the key highlights of Collections are:

  • Create - Start collections for your interests. Post videos, photos, and more
  • Get Found - People can follow all of your public collections, or just the ones they like
  • Customize - Make your collection pop with custom names and cover photos

What is great is that people can follow along with the collections that they find relevant, and they won't be bothered with the content they aren't interested in. Users will be able to take advantage of collections both on the web, as well as on Android devices, with iOS support coming later in the year. The feature does not appear to be live for everyone just yet, so check here to see if you can get started with creating your collections now.

Source: +GooglePlus