As promised in May, owners of Chromebooks can now view any movies or television shows they have rented or purchased from Google Play offline for the first time.

However, that was not the only new addition for ChromeOS users in an update that was released Thursday. Google also announced that Info Cards will now show up for anyone watching a select number of movies from the Chrome browser. This will give film fans additional information on some of the movies when the clip is paused.

In addition, the company claims the update brings users improvements for Chromecast, along with a better local playback experience, for watching movies in the Chrome browser, although specifics were not revealed.

This is certainly a big update for Chromebook owners and makes their devices less reliant on WiFi connections for performing tasks. Do you think the addition of offline mode for Google Play Movies and TV in ChromeOS will make Chromebooks more attractive to consumers?

Source: Google Play