It was really cool when Verizon and Google offered 100MB of free LTE data monthly to users of a Chromebook Pixel. On the Google Play page, Google told anyone who bought one that this deal would last for two years, and even though 100MB a month isn't a lot, it makes it handy to check mail or messages when you can't get to proper Wifi. The problem is, that the folks who bought a Pixel under those conditions are seeing their free data disappear after just 12 months.

I love my Pixel, and have even used the free data a time or two to check my email. I can see why some folks find it important. We're not sure what any agreements between Google and Verizon said on the paper they signed, but our pal J.R. over at Computerworld is doing everything he can to figure all of this out. Be sure to give what he has to say a good read.

What do you think? Is a promise of free data — even just 100MB a month — something that changes your buying decision? Let us know in the comments.