Google has announced an update to the stable channel for Chrome OS today that brings a number of notable changes, including a refreshed Files app.

The update bumps Chrome OS up to version 42.0.2311.87, and in addition to bringing the Files app up-to-date with Material Design guidelines, the update brings support for password protected files, along with an updated calculator app. Here's the full breakdown of what's new and changed in today's Chrome OS update:

  • Files app has been refreshed to follow the suit with Material Design
  • Support for password-protected zip files
  • Updated calculator app
  • Default typeface on all Chromebooks has been updated to Roboto for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts, to be more consistent with Material Design.

Of course, the update contains the usual smattering of bug fixes and security updates as well. Google says that the update will be rolling out to Chrome OS systems over the next few weeks, so if it hasn't hit your device yet, just sit tight.

Source: Google